UA, NE&SWA 10/16/1863

16 Oct 1863
Honl. Milton Brown
Prest M. & O. RR Co.  Mobile & Ohio RR}
Dear Sir,
   Yr 10th Inst was recd yesterday. On my return from Columbus I found a letter of which inclosed is a copy. It needs no comment.
   I also recd from the Prest. of the Ala. & Missi R. R. Co. {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} a statement purporting to show the earnings of our portion of the road.
   I have answered Col. Rives assuring the Dept. that no lease will be made to any Company that cannot & will not in good faith afford to the Govt. every facility that the Ala. & Missi R. R. R. Co. now afford & can afford & that the Govt can have complete assurances & guaranties. Therefore & if it desires may become a party to the contract.
   I have answered Genl. Boerak that if this interpretation of the military authority is to be invoked to maintain their possessing it puts an end to the proposition on our part so far as I am concerned.
Very Truly
R. Jemison Prest {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR}