UA, NE&SWA 1/29/1863

29 Jany 63
W O Winston Prest.
Wills Valley Rail
Valley Head, Ala.
Dear Sir,
   You have perhaps learned of my election to the Presidency of this Company {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR}. I perceive from your letter of 30th Ult to my predecessor that you approved of his suggestion of an application for Government aid to complete the connection between Meridian & Chattanooga. Under the direction of our Directory at their last meeting I shall visit Richmond from 15 to 20 of next month and shall be very much pleased to meet you there & to have your cooperation in accomplishing this most important end. Can you be there? If you can I think it very desirable that you should as I fear it will require more than ordinary exertions and influence to insure success. The application has been delayed too long. ??? Routes have recd Govt aid when the higher claims of our Roads have been kept in the back ground. Yet with your valuable assistance and the aid of other friends of the connection backed by the superior advantages of such a connection to the Govt in every point of view I am not without hopes of success.
   I am much gratified to hear of the progress you have made & the good credit of yr bonds. Let me hear from you in reply at your earliest convenience.
Very Truly
R Jemison