UA, NE&SWA 1/19/1861

Eutaw Ala Jan. 19th 1861
R. E. Rodes Esq
Chief Engineer &c  {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR}
Dear Sir,
   There were two or three points in regard to Derby's final Estimates about which I wish instructions.
   In regard to the allowance for wood cut for brick yards; he has almost 200 cords (175 at Warrior & 20 or 25 at Bigbee) cut which is still in the woods and which we are liable to loose before the work commences again unless it is hauled up and stacked at the yard. Derby says he is willing to haul it if the Company will let him have money enough to pay for the hauling but if he does not haul it he still thinks he ought to be paid for it where it is and the Co, take the risk, how shall I dispose of it in the Estimate.
   The trestlework timber which he got out in the Bigbee Swamp is in the same condition that it was when cut two years ago, it has been lying on the ground ever since and must be considerably damaged & some of it lost, unless it is hauled out and piled properly it will be almost impossible to return an estimate price at once to the Company and contractor. Derby also is willing to haul this if the Co. can make the necessary "raise." If it is not hauled out and properly disposed off a large amount of it will be a dead loss to Co. or Derby. Please notify me what to do in the premises.
Yours respectfully
Peyton Randolph
Asst. Engr.
P. S. How is the military progressing? Our Company has not yet been ordered out but Halis writes that he is expecting orders every day, the boys generally show a willingness to go but, I think, are very much in hopes that Fort Pickens will be taken or given up before we can get there, in which pious aspiration I am much inclined to join not wishing to have a sodden and violent end put to my career by a grape shot or Mine ball. When you have leisure to write I shall be very glad to hear of your proceedings, and hoping that you & your command may obtain a maximum of glory and minimum loss.
I am Very Truly P. R.