UA, NE&SWA 1/1/1861

N. E. & S. W. Alabama Rail Road Company
Engineer Department
Eutaw January 1st 1861
R. E. Rodes Esq
Chief Engineer &c
Dear Sir,
   Whiting's letter to have the boys sent up only reached me on yesterday and as they did not have their clothes ready I allowed them to wait for the next both so that they may be in Tuskaloosa certainly on Wednesday evening. We could not hire the boys until yesterday. Chiles had put his figures up to $250 for them but by a ?ing proceeding protracted for several hours we got George Bill & Jim for $650.00 and afterwards hired Gazz?? from Judge Oliver for $170.00, this was the best we could do and I judged it to be better to pay these prices than to hire green hands for fifty dollars less. Cresswell says that he is not willing to sign the notes and consequently I shall send them up for the Inauguration of the President. The fact is that Cresswell shewed an evident desire to escape from any responsibility in the matter and I don't believe would have hired them at all if I had not kept him continually stirred up and finally when Chiles comes to terms he went off so that I would have to close the bargain. By his direction I will have the bonds drawn up by Maj Webb and enclose them to you that you may get them signed.
Yours respectfully
Peyton Randolph
Asst. Engr.
P. S. Major Webb has just handed me the enclosed note for somebody to sign I suppose it properly comes under the department of our Prest. please send it back to me by the first opportunity that I may hand it over to Chiles.
P. R.