TX, SP 8/31/1861

Office of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company
Aug. 31st 1861
His Excellency
Edward Clark
Governor of the State of Texas
   In conformity with the existing laws of the State, we herewith submit a Report of the affairs of this Company, from May 1st 1860, (the limit of our last report,) to June 1st 1861.
   Owing to the present unsettled conditions of our Southern Confederacy, several of the officers of this Company have been absent from the State for several months. Our President, V. K. Stevenson has been called upon to serve as Quarter Master General of Tennessee Militia. Our General Financial Agent, Jeptha Fowlkes, has been also absent in Tennessee and Virginia. Our Vice President, J. S. Holman, has been devoting his entire time to the business of the Company, and the construction of the road. He has been obliged to make several visits to New Orleans and to other places in furtherance of this object, and performing his various duties in the face of obstacles that would be deemed insurmountable. Our Chief Engineer, E. A. Blanch, while temporarily absent in Virginia, felt called upon to assist in mounting our Texas troops, and performing other important services, demanded by surrounding circumstances. Our Secretary and Treasurer, D. C. Wilder, temporarily absent in Tennessee upon important business. The General Superintendent, C. G. Hynson, being the only officer present during the whole time to contend with almost impossibilities.
   The above is our excuse for the delay in making our Report.
Answer to First Interrogatory
(Capital Stock, and amount actually paid in)
The Capital Stock of the Company as fixed by the Board of Directors, is Three Million five hundred thousand Dollars, ($3,500,000). The amount actually paid in, (exclusive of One Million twenty thousand Dollars, to be returned and cancelled), is Two Million five hundred and thirty two thousand ten Dollard ($2,532,010).
Answer to Second Interrogatory
(Amount expended)
For Purchase of Lands Nothing
For Construction of the Road $68,625.13
For Buildings 1,500.00
For Engines Nothing
For Cars 1,000.00
Answer to Third Interrogatory
(Amount of Indebtedness)
For Construction of the Road, but not due till 25 miles are graded $68,625.13
For Track Repairs 6,818.84
For Running Expenses 4,684.88
For Salaries 25,212.00
For Land Damages 7,427.00
For All other purposes 12,264.00
(Amount due the Corporation)
For Transportation of Freight &c $4,233.73
For Stock charged, but to be returned as in first answer 1,020,000.00
For All other purposes 1,159,938.24
Answer to Fourth Interrogatory
(Amount Received for all purposes)
Amount received for transportation of passengers, of property, of the mails, and from all other sources


Answer to Fifth Interrogatory
(Amount of Freight in tons)
Product of the Forest Nothing
Of Animals Nothing
Of Vegetable food, including about 33,000 sacks of corn 2,158 Tons
Of Other Agricultural products, including 4,274 Bales of Cotton, & Wool 1,068 Tons
Of Manufactured articles 2 Tons
Of Merchandise & other articles 2,214 Tons
Answer to Sixth Interrogatory
(Amount Paid out)
For Repairs


For Engines


For Cars


For Buildings


For Salaries


Answer to Seventh Interrogatory
No Dividend has as yet been declared
Answer to Eighth Interrogatory
(Number of Engine-houses, Shops, Engines, Cars, &c.)
Engine Houses (in good condition)


Shops (in good condition) One
Engines Three
The character of the Engines is as follows: One Engine of 20 tons capacity, about one year old, (Baldwin's manufacture,) in constant and efficient use. One Engine of 20 tons capacity, and One Engine of 18 tons capacity, but both somewhat out of repair; the two latter Engines are not immediately needed for purposes of the Company. 
Freight & Box Cars (3 nearly new, others in good condition)


Passenger Cars (nearly new)


Answer to Ninth Interrogatory
(Number of Miles run by trains)
Number of Miles run by Freight and Passenger trains


Answer to Tenth Interrogatory
(Number of Men employed)


Locomotive Governor

1 Fireman
6 Train hands
12 Warehouse hands
25 Repair hands
400 Construction hands
2 Overseers of Repairs
6 Overseers of Construction
2 Teamsters
4 Carpenters
3 Blacksmiths
1 Machinist
1 Conductor
4 Depot Masters
2 Deport Clerks
2 Office Clerks
1 Commissary
473 Total employed
Answer to Eleventh Interrogatory
(Number of persons injured in life or limb)
One of the men, at work for the Company, was accidently killed, in attempting to get upon the train while it was in motion. He was intoxicated at the time; and it being in the night, he missed his foothold, fell, and the train passed over him, killing him almost instantly.
Answer to Twelfth Interrogatory
(Accidents from carelessness of employee)
No accident has arisen from carelessness or negligence on the part of persons in the employ of the Company, except the one related in the previous answer, who paid the forfeit of his life for his own carelessness
Answer to Thirteenth Interrogatory
(Sales of Lands donated by State, and remaining unsold)
Of the Lands donated to this Company by the State of Texas, none have been sold. Of the 256,000 Acres of land donated by the State all remain unsold.
C. E. Hynson
Genl Supt S. P. R. R. Co.
The State of Texas
Harrison County
Before me, George L. Hill, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appear C. E. Hynson, Genel. Supt. S. P. R. R. Cp. and A. T. Smith Treasurer pro tem of said Company, and whose signatures appear to the foregoing instrument, and who are to me well known, and who being by me duly sworn and on oath, that the foregoing report and statement is true, to the best of their knowledge and belief.
To certify which, I hereunto set my hand & official seal, at my office in Marshall, this the 2ndSept. 1861.
Geo. L. Hill
Not. Pub. H. C.