TX, SP 6/12/1862

Office of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company
June 12th 1862
Hon. C. R. Jones
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Austin Texas
   In conformity with the existing laws of the State, we herewith submit a Report of the affairs of this Company, from May 31st 1861, (the limit of our last report,) to June 1st 1862.
{The heading above is missing from the Archive's document, but is the same format as the other Annual Reports to the State from this company.}
   {The first part of this paragraph is missing. This is part of the answer to Question 1.} In consequence of the distracted state of the country, the present Board of Directors has thought it best to allow as much time as possible to allow them to secure their old stock and thus become stockholders in the present company.
   The number of shares of 100 dollars each already secured and admitted to the books of the present Company is 2214 1/10, which added to the 54 shares above stated, makes 2268 1/10 shares or 226,810 dollars, being the amount actually paid in.
Answer to Second Interrogatory
   The amount expended for the purchase of land, for the construction of the road, for buildings and for engine & cars respectively.
For the purchase of lands Nothing
For the construction of the road $19,684.20
For buildings Nothing
For Engines cars Nothing
For right of way $1,500.00
Answer to Third Interrogatory
   The amount and nature of its indebtedness, & the amount due the Corporation 
A mortgage bond to the State $150,000.00
Due on Construction a/c 17,591.85
Due on Salaries a/c 3,184.00
Due on Company's obligations 21,745.55
Due for Track Repairs a/c 432.93
Due on General Account 3,833.25


Amount due the Corporation $2,933.73
In addition to the above indebtedness of the Company, the sum of $5512.40 has been assumed, but no obligations issued.  
Answer to Fourth Interrogatory
   The amount received for transportation of passengers, of property, of the mail, and from all other sources.
Received for transportation of passengers


Received for transportation of property (merchandise)


        "                      "          of the mail


        "                       "          from all other sources


Answer to Fifth Interrogatory
   The amount of freight &c. of the product of the forest, of animals, of vegetable food, not classified but included in merchandize & other articles.
Of agricultural products  323 Bales of Cotton, say 81 Tons
Of merchandize & other articles 155 Tons
The cotton was only moved over the road, but was not shipped 2,158 Tons
Answer to Sixth Interrogatory
   The amount paid out for repairs, engines, cars, buildings & salaries respectively
For Repairs


For Engines


For Cars


For Buildings


For Salaries


Answer to Seventh Interrogatory
   The number and amount of dividends and when paid.
No Dividend has as yet been declared or paid
Answer to Eighth Interrogatory
   The number of engine houses, and shops, of engines & cars, and their character
Engine House


Shop 1
Engines 3
Passenger Car


Box Cars 3
Platform Cars 2
   One of the engines is some three or four years old, of 20 tons capacity, and in constant use. Another is 18 tons capacity, very much out of repair. The third one is in a very dilapidated condition, and can probably never be of much use.
   The cars are all in good condition
Answer to Ninth Interrogatory
   The number of miles run by passenger, freight and other trains respectively.
Number of miles run


There has been no separate train run for passengers exclusively.
Answer to Tenth Interrogatory
   The number of men employed and their occupation



1 Engine driver
1 Fireman
1 Brakeman
2 Train hands
2 Depot Agents
1 Clerk
1 Blacksmith
2 Warehouse hands
10 Repair hands
1 Teamster
1 Carpenter
1 Machinist
1 Road Master
100 Construction hands
2 Overseers on Construction
Answer to Eleventh Interrogatory
   The number of persons injured in life or limb, and the causes of such injuries
   No accident has taken place upon the road since the organization of the present Company
Answer to Twelfth Interrogatory
   Whether any accident have arisen from carelessness or negligence of any person in the employ of the corporation, and whether such persons are retained in the corporation.
   The answer will be found in the answer to the Eleventh Interrogatory
Answer to Thirteenth Interrogatory
   The sales of lands donated by the State and the quantity remaining unsold.
   No sales of lands donated by the State have been effected by the present Company, and the records of the Company shows no statement of any lands donated by the State to this Company.
   The President has been absent some time, making arrangements to receive these lands, but has made no report of his mission as yet.
   The grading of the second section of 25 miles will be completed, it is believed, in about 2 weeks.
   The President has stated unofficially that he has received from the State the certificates for 50 sections of land; but is probably waiting until the grading is completed upon the second section of 25 miles, and shall have received the remainder of the certificates, to make an official report.
   The present Company has already assumed and liquidated of the debts of the old Company nearly $30,000 dollars in addition to its own liabilities, but included in proceeding statement.
C. E. Hynson
G. G. Gregg
The State of Texas
Harrison County
Before me, J. A. Harris, a Justice of the Peace in & for said County, personally appear C. E. Hynson, Superintendent of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company, and G. G. Gregg Treasurer of said Company, and whose signatures appear to the foregoing instrument, and who are to me well known, and who being by me duly sworn, say on oath, that the foregoing statement is true, to the best of their knowledge & belief.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand at Marshall this twelfth day of June 1862.
T. A. Harris
J. P.