TX, SP 6/1/1865

Office S. P. R. R. Company
Marshall Texas
Jany 23d 1866
Hon. George C. Rives
Acting Comptroller of the State of Texas
Austin, Texas
   In accordance with the requirements of the laws of Texas, we beg leave to lay before you a Report of the operations of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company for the year ending on the 31st day of May 1865. Our Reports previous to that time have been all forwarded, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
   Answer to the first interrogatory:
   The Capital Stock, as it stands upon the books of the Company, including stock admitted to the book, but for which certificates have not yet been issued, about $500,000.00.
   Under the policy of the Company, an arrangement was made by the stockholders in 1858, for the purpose of reducing the stock by a surrender of one half, and making a loan to the Co: on each share, (the loan to be paid back in stock,) for carrying on the work. That policy was somewhat modified in 1861 by the same Company; and which policies are now the policy of the present Co:, a copy of which, touching the whole matter, we beg leave to transmit you herewith. A compliance with the requirements of the policy, (imposed upon themselves), will save their stock. The Capital Stock may therefore be increased from time to time as the stockholders come forward. Hence we can only give an approximation of the stock, until certificates are issued; as the process of reduction, funding interest allowed on stock previous to April 12th 1859, issues for loans &c makes altogether a complicated process, requiring care in the details, but difficult to aggregate. The amt. reported above is placed high, for the purpose of covering these several items, as near as may be.
   Answer to second interrogatory
Amt. expended for the purchase of land 0.00
For construction of the road 23,560.50
For buildings 0.00
For engines cars 0.00
   Answer to third interrogatory
Due to the State of Texas $150,000.00
Three years Interest on above 27,000.00
Bill Payable 20,000.00
Construction 9,988.00
Running Expenses 1,100.00
Salaries 4,500.00
Other accounts 27,661.21
     Due to the Company $155,750.00
   Answer to fourth interrogatory
Received for transportation of passengers $86,402.60
Received for transportation of property 6,314.00
Received for transportation of mail 2,680.84
Received from other sources 1,569.66
   Answer to fifth interrogatory
Products of the forest not classified
Animals None
Vegetable food 1332 Tons
Other agricultural products (970 bales Cotton) 243 Tons
Manufactures 780   "   
Merchandize & other articles 378   "   
   We cannot classify the freight, as nearly all was for the Government, and were called by the Govt. Agents, "Government Stores;" but we have attempted an approximation
   Answer to Sixth interrogatory
   No dividends have as yet been declared.
   Answer to eighth interrogatory
Engine Houses None
Shop 1
Engines 3
1 of 22 tons, in constant use & in good order
1 of 20 tons, in constant use & in good order
1 of 16 tons, not in use, but nearly new
Passenger Cars 1 in bad order
Box Cars 2 in good order
Platform Cars 3 in good order
   Answer in ninth interrogatory
Number of miles run by trains, all the trains engaged in transporting freight & passengers


   Answer to tenth interrogatory

     Number of men employed

1 Superintendent
1 Conductor
2 Brakeman
3 Locomotive engineers
2 Firemen
2 Foremen on Construction
3 Foremen on Repairs
3 Repair hands, White
30 Repair hands, Black
120 Construction hands, Black
1 Bridge builder
2 Blacksmiths
   Answer to eleventh interrogatory
   No person injured in life or limb
   Answer to twelfth interrogatory
   The same answer as in the previous interrogatory -- no accident has occurred
   Answer to thirteenth interrogatory
   No land sold, none on hand
   We deem it proper to state, that in the receipts & expenditures, confederate money was only used, and rating even as low as 50 to one.
   It may not be uninteresting to you to have a brief account of the present condition of the Company and its prospects. 
   During the year commencing 1st June 1864 and ending 1st June 1865, it was under duress by the commanding officer of the Trans Mississippi Department. It was never impressed by the Confederate States Government, but to avoid it, the Company yielded to the demands of the existing military power, to take up their track from Swanson's Landing on Lake Caddo, and extend it in the direction of Shreveport, with their pledge that rails, chairs and spiked should be furnished to the Co: by the C. S. Government for the completion of the road to Shreveport. The grading was already completed. The C. S. Government made an utter failure in the redemption of its promises, and when the T. M. Department was surrendered, it left the Company's road 14 miles from Shreveport, without materials to continue the work, and indebted to the Company about 95,000 dollars, having used all the iron taken up from the line to Swanson's Landing, and the C. S. Government not supplying any. This will account for the small assets of the road during the year.
   It is believed, that peace being restored, the stockholders of the Company outside of Texas, who are indebted to the Company in the amount of 478,000 dollars will furnish sufficient means to complete the track to Shreveport. The stockholders are to meet in New Orleans on the 22d of February next.
A. M. Burnham  Supt
S. P. Rail Road
A. T. Smith  Treasurer
S. P. R. R. Company
The State of Texas
Harrison County
Before me A. R. Woodall, Clerk of the County Court of Harrison County, personally appeared, A. M. Burnham Superintendent of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and A. T. Smith Treasurer of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company holding said office on the thirty first day of May A. D. 1865, to me well known, and acknowledged that they had executed the annexed statement or instrument in writing, bearing date on the twenty third day of January A. D. 1866, for the purpose therein stated, to wit, the Annual Report of said Company for the year ending May 31st 1865.
   To certify which, I hereto sign my name and affix the seal of my office at the City of Marshall, this the twenty third day of January A. D. 1866. 
H. R. Woodall
Clk C. C. H. C.