TX, SP 6/1/1864

Office Southern Pacific R. R. Co.
Marshall Texas
June 1st 1864
Hon. C. R. Jones
Comptroller of Public Accounts, State of Texas
   We beg leave to submit to you a report of the affairs of this Company for the year ending May 31st 1864.
Answer to 1st Interrogatory      Capital Stock, and amount actually paid in $301,637.22.
Answer to 2nd Interrogatory
   Amount expended
For the purchase of lands Nothing
   "    "  construction of the road $101,421.56
   " buildings Nothing
   " engines cars Nothing
   The amount as stated above, expended for construction, is only an approximation. Genl. E. Kirby Smith, having ordered this company to connect their road with Shreveport, as a military necessity, ordered a draft of negro hands, and turned over to this road some 200, and furnished rations for the same. No settlement having been made as yet with the Government, we can only assume that it may reach some 56,000 dollars, and which is included in the above item, covering the hire of the negroes and rations.
Answer to 3rd Interrogatory
   Indebtedness &c
To the State of Texas $150,000.00
Interest on debt to the State 18,000.00
Loan and Bills Payable 22,000.00
Construction and repairs, including amt due Confdt Govt 61,928.35
Old Company's debts assumed 30,310.60
Running expenses 1,042.50
Salaries 4,887.68
Book accounts 19,955.68


Amount due to the Corporation $66,113.90
Answer to 4th Interrogatory
Transportation of passengers


              "          " property


              "           " mail

(None recd for two years)

All other sources




Answer to 5th Interrogatory
   Quantity of freight in tons
Product of the forest None
Animals None
Vegetable food 456 Tons
Other agricultural products (cotton) 3 Tons
Manufactures None
Merchandize and other articles 486 Tons
Answer to 6th Interrogatory
   Amt paid out
for Repairs


  " Engines


  " Cars


  " Buildings


  " Salaries


In addition to the above, we have paid out for debts against the Old Company and other purposes


Answer to 7th Interrogatory
No Dividend have as yet been declared
Answer to 8th Interrogatory
   No of Engine houses &c
Engine houses


Shops 1
Engines 2
   One of the engines is new, of 22 horsepower, and in constant use. The other is some five years old, of 20 horse power, now undergoing some slight repairs.
   Cars as follows

Passenger Car, 5 years old, in tolerable order

2 Box cars, in good condition
4 Platform cars, in good condition
Answer to 9th Interrogatory
   Number of miles run
   The same train carries passengers and freight, and were run 18,250 miles.
Answer to 10th Interrogatory

   men employed

1 Superintendent


Chief Engineer

2 Assist Engineers
1 Commissary
1 Conductor
1 Bridge builder
1 Car builder
2 Locomotive engineers
2 Firemen
6 Foremen on construction
2          "       "  repairs
3 Repair hands (White)
20       "        "  (Black)
180 Construction hands (Black)
Answer to 11th Interrogatory
   Persons injured
   One accident has occurred during the year. A little boy, while riding on the train, contrary to express order, the train backing down to the switch, became alarmed at the escape of steam, and jumped out directly under the wheels, which ran over his leg, rendering amputation necessary. The boy is living and in good health. No blame could possibly attach to any one employed on the road.
Answer to 12th Interrogatory
   Accidents thro' carelessness &c
   No accident has occurred thro' negligence or carelessness of any person in the employ of the Corporation
Answer to 13th Interrogatory
   Sale of donated land
   During the year 56,320 acres have been sold, leaving none on hand.
   In the month of August 1863, by order of Lt. Genl. E. Kirby Smith, Commanding Trans Miss. Department, the Company proceeded to take up that portion of the track extending from Swanson's Landing to Jonesville, a distance of twelve miles, and lay the track from the latter named place on a line to Shreveport. To enable the Company to execute this order, there were turned over to the Co. by the Confederated Authority, two hundred hands, (negro men) and an adequate number of overseers were detailed. Rations for their subsistence and for the teams engaged by the Co. were also furnished by the Government. Eleven miles of track have been laid, reaching to Greenwood in Louisiana. About five miles of this line had to be graded and bridged. The grading on the whole line from Greenwood to Shreveport, with the exception of an excavation one mile east of Greenwood, which is nearly completed, is ready for the superstructure. The Company has on hand, iron to lay five miles more of track, and the Government is now making preparations to bring from the Washita River, rail sufficient to finish the track to Shreveport. Two efforts have been made by Genl Smith before the present, to bring these rails to Shreveport; but each time was prevented by the approach of the enemy to Alexandria, and the occupancy by them of Harrisonburg & Trinity on the Washita River. For the want of the iron, most of the hands have been discharged from the work temporarily. The Government, however, has already provided for a return of the force to the road, and there is but little doubt that the connection with Shreveport will be completed at an early day.
A. M. Burnham  Genl Supt
Southern Pacific Rail Road
A. T. Smith  Treasurer
Southern Pacific Rail Road Company
The State of Texas
Harrison County
Before me B. F. Friderici Clerk of the County Court of Harrison County personally appeared A. M. Burnham Genl Superintendent of the Southern Pacific Rail Road and A. T. Smith Treasurer of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company, both to me well known and makes oath and say the facts set forth in the foregoing Report are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief. Given under my hand and seal of office at the City of Marshall this 20th day of June A. D. 1864
B. F. Friderici
Clerk C of H