TN, M&C 3/15/1861

Memphis & Charleston Rail Road Office
Memphis, March 15, 1861
Missr Bush & Lobdell
   At your Earliest convenience please ship us Via Savannah cars of the Central {of Georgia} RR 30 pairs 33" double plate wheels & axles (for Passenger service) specifications axles & journals Enclosed {not found}. Forward to Central RR duplicate invoice & B/L. If the Southern Tarriff goes into operation before the shipment reaches Savannah it will be necessary for Invoice to be in the hands of Consignee by giving dispatch to the order you may son as duty. You will also please enclose to this office B/L & Invoice. Let me hear from you on receipt of this obliga 
Very Respectfully
W. J. Ross
Genl Supt
{On the top of the letter}
Answd March 28, 61
{Endorsed on the bottom of the letter}
Return this to Mr & Inia answer it --
   The axles fwd pr this and pr F H & Co an amt all fitted ars they s, ifmt they will do of course pr this order.