RRBAT 10/12/1863

Southern Telegraph Form
Received at Richmond Oct 12 1863 at ... o'clock, ... minutes,
By telegraph from Montgomery 12. To F W Sims Maj
Hearing in case postponed until 19th Have on way to Wilmington two engines & forty cars will send "Goodloe" & "Dart" over this week. Kenner is here & doing all he can in the Gulf RR to have the Childe
W H McDowell
Asst Supt W&M RR
{File data on reverse} W. H. McDowell {Asst. Superintendent, Wilmington & Manchester RR}
Montgomery Oct 12th 63
Will send Goodloe {locomotive David S. Goodloe of Memphis & Charleston RR} & Dart {locomotive Dart of Alabama & Florida (of Florida)} over this week