RRBA 12/26/1862

  I agree to furnish A. B. Ridding with trains of cars and engines to make four trips between Vicksburg and Meridian of 12 cars each, with runners and train hands; to carry sugar. And as long as it is safe to do so to furnish this said cars and engines to the So. {Southern of Mississippi} RRd for the same purposes, should their business require this use. The said parties agreeing to furnish wood, water and oil for said trains and road bed and load & unload then promptly & pay $3.33 1/3 per hhd. for all the sugar said trains may transport between said points. The said parties also agree to allow me to transport two trains loaded with sugar for myself between said points. Should I require it. I paying the regular freight rates, less the $3.33 1/3 per hhd. This agreement is not to interfere with any use I may have for machinery on the M&C {Memphis & Charleston} RRd or the road between Meridian & Demopolis. I am to keep the machinery in repair and take all risk of accident to same and run the trains on schedule of Southern RR and under the direction of the Supt. of same.
Sam. Tate
Vicksburg Dec 26, 1862
  The So. RR Co has the right to transport on any or all of the trains  mentioned in the foregoing contract any description of freight they may see proper to ship by paying the M&C RR the same rate per car load as sugar amounts to, this additional privilege is not in any way to impair the contract or lessen the rent to be received by the M&C RRd Co.
W. I. Ross  Genl. Supt.