RRBA 11/22/1862

Vicksburg Nov 22nd 1862
  At an interview yesterday with Genls. Pemberton and Smith and the President and Vice President of the Southern {of Mississippi} Rail Road Company the following understanding was agreed to by the said parties for the guidance of the Southern RR Co and the Govt. officials:
1st Genl. Pemberton authorizes the Southern RR Co to use one car for carrying salt for the Government of the state first, and if not entirely loaded by the Government, the rest of the car may be filled with salt for private individuals, the said car to be attached to one Govt. train on each of the six days in the week which are allotted for Government transportation.
2nd. He authorizes the company to allow one freight car per day for the use of the two Express Companies to be attached to one of the Passenger trains, provided that thereby the Govt. is not deprived of a freight car on either of the Govt trains.
3d. He fully sanctions the management made by the S. RR. Co. with Sam Tate Esq Prest of the M&C {Memphis & Charleston} RR Co for the use of four special trains to run over the S. RR to take on any day in the week private sugar exclusively, assuring the President that these four trains should not be interfered with by his authority unless some unforeseen pressing emergency should require it.
4th. That no trains from foreign roads should pass over ours to procure sugar on private account unless with the assent of Genl Pemberton or Genl Smith
5th That Capt Key should examine the books of the Company and ascertain whether this company had violated the general instructions in the shipment of Govt and private respectively.
6th. That on private freight days the Company shall run but one train for private freight.
  The foregoing six points cover the understanding come to in the interview mentioned.
M. L. Smith
Maj. Genl
Extract from minutes of Southern Rail Road Co. of Dec 4th 1863