OR, Series 4, Vol. 3, Page 312

Montgomery, Ala., April 21, 1864
General Braxton Bragg
Richmond, Va.
  It has been ordered that the supplies of Georgia be forwarded to the Army of Virginia and that the Army of Tennessee be sustained from Alabama. The corn crop of the eastern section of this State was limited and will not afford a supply; hence the necessity of depending upon the middle and western portions. The only outlet for the removal of stores from Central Alabama is the Montgomery & West Point Railroad, which has not capacity for the requirements of the Government. Its gauge is narrower than that of the other roads, and it is now deemed impracticable to increase its rolling-stock.
  I would respectfully call your attention to the completion of the railroad from Talladega, Ala., to Rome, Ga. {extending the Alabama & Tennessee River Railroad}, a distance of fifty-three miles, the track for which, I am informed, is graded through. This would complete the line to the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers, and the rich land of all that portion of the State. The great pressure upon this, the only available, line would be relieved, and the most productive section now within our reach brought in easy communication.
  I have understood the value of this improvement has been before represented, and pressing necessity alone induces me to ask that consideration which the importance of supply demands.
Your obedient servant
Parker Cambell
Major, etc.
First indorsement]
April 29, 1864
  Respectfully referred to the Honorable Secretary of War.
  The subject is one of great importance, which has previously received my favorable indorsement.
Braxton Bragg
[Second indorsement]
May 3, 1864
Engineer Bureau for consideration.
J. A. S.
[Third indorsement]
Engineer Bureau
May 17, 1864
  Respectfully returned to Honorable Secretary of War.
  Leut. Col. Minor Meriwether received instructions a month since to do all in his power to press forward this connection. A letter has been written calling his attention to this important subject again, and I believe that everything will be done that can by Colonel M.
A. L. Rives
Colonel and Acting Chief of Bureau