OR, Series 4, Vol. 2, Page 149

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala., October 27, 1862
Hon. G. W. Randolph
Secretary of War
  On the receipt of your dispatch advising the withdrawal of labor from the railroad in West Alabama {the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad}, I dispatched one of my aides, ex-Governor A. B. Moore, to examine into the matter. Inclosed I hand you copy of a letter this day received from him, by which you will be pleased to learn that the difficulties in the way have been overcome, and that the work is rapidly progressing to a completion.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant
Jno. Gill Shorter
Governor of Alabama
Marion, October 24, 1862
His Excellency John G. Shorter
  Dear Sir: I am just through with my railroad mission. Before taking any action on the matter I went to Demopolis to see the superintendent or chief engineer of the road. Colonel Tate was absent, but Colonel Pritchard, the chief engineer, was at Demopolis. I stated my business and told him I had been directed by you to aid him in getting as many hands as were needed for the speedy completion of the work. I was gratified to learn that a number of the planters had returned their hands, and that he had procured other hands to supply the places of those who did not return. There are hands enough on the road to finish the grading and lay down the iron as fast as the bridges and trestlework can be completed, so that I was relieved from the necessity and trouble of raising hands. The president and engineer insisted that I should go with them along the road, see the contractors, and show the importance of a speedy completion of their contracts. This I did, and induced one of the bridge builders to increase the number of workmen. He has the largest bridge to erect. It will be at least four or five weeks before the road will be completed. The trip along the road was very rough, and I had to take it on horseback nearly to Meridian. I will be in Montgomery next week. I am delayed here to have the cotton I loaned to the Government weighed, sampled, and delivered.
With great respect, yours, etc.
A. B. Moore