OR, Series 2, Vol. 7, Page 448

Office Mobile & Girard Railroad
Columbus, Ga., July 8, 1864
Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War
Dear Sir,
   I have learned that an agent of the C. S. Army has been instructed to select a place for the confinement of prisoners taken from the U.S. Army and that he has chosen a spot on this road. Now, while it may and probably would prove to be for the pecuniary advantage of this road to have the encampment on it, will it not be an injury to the army stores of provisions? Every pound of meat or bushel of grain that passes over this road can be sent via Macon to Atlanta, or via Augusta to Virginia, and thus reach either of our armies, while there are countless thousands of bushels of grain west of the Alabama River that can not be made available for the want of transportation over the Montgomery & West Point Railroad. Would it not be sound policy to have the encampment somewhere west of Selma, on the Alabama River? It is a better provision country and equally as safe and healthy. I suggest this for your consideration.
Respectfully, yours,
W. H. Mitchell