OR, Series 1, Vol. 7, Page 156

Huntsville, February 8, 1862
General Johnston
   The Federal gunboats have landed at Florence, 5 miles from Tuscumbia and 48 miles west of Decatur; are marching on Tuscumbia; how many boats or men there are not known.
   The citizens here have one brass 6-pounder in order, and the M. and C. R. R. {Memphis & Charleston RR} one Parrott rifled 6-pounder and carriage, but not wheels; also one not mounted at all.
   A company of men with infantry arms go from here some time to-night to assistance of Tuscumbia.
   Can you give us any information, orders, or relief? Our trains, except one, are out of their reach, and that one may be for what we can learn.
A. J. Hopper
Superintendent Eastern Division, M. and C. R. R.