OR, Series 1, Vol. 47, Part 3, Page 796

Greensborough, April 12, 1865
Maj. Gen. L. L. Lomax
Danville, Va.
   The aid of your cavalry will be required in executing the order communicated to Brigadier-General Walker this morning, which is now repeated for your instructions:
  Send cars loaded with the most important supplies to break in road {North Carolina RR}, which, if not repaired, unload and return them to Danville for other supplies. Should the enemy advance in large force, sacrifice everything; save your command.  
   Recall your cavalry from the Valley, bringing them and all others you can collect to this place, after the shipment of supplies as above described. To economize transportation, fully equip your troops from the supplies. What has become of the rest of your command?
G. T. Beauregard