OR, Series 1, Vol. 47, Part 2, Page 1378

Hdqrs. Department of North Carolina
Goldsborough, March 11, 1865
   I. The general commanding directs that all public stores and the like will be forwarded to Raleigh as rapidly as possible, retaining 20,000 rations of subsistence here, and as much at Smithfield. {Both on North Carolina RR}
   II. Medicines, medical stores proper, and surgical instruments, and ammunition, arms, and subsistence, will have preference of transportation in the order here mentioned. Passenger trains which cannot be used for freight will be devoted exclusively to the sick and wounded while needed for that purpose.
   III. The entire energies of the different departments will be bestowed upon these objects. Officers will personally superintend the duties. The whole laboring force of the engineer and quartermaster's departments will be employed in the work.
   IV. Cotton and other stores which cannot be removed must be so placed that they can be readily destroyed.
   V. One officer of the inspector's department from these headquarters will remain on duty at the depot to overlook these operations, and keep the commanding general advised of any neglect or unnecessary delay.
John B. Sale
Assistant Adjutant-General