OR, Series 1, Vol. 47, Part 2, Page 1323

Charlotte, N. C. March 4, 1865
Maj. E. Willis
Chief Quartermaster, Chester, S. C.
  Troops, wagons, artillery, and caissons must move from Chester {Charlotte & South Carolina RR} to Salisbury {North Carolina RR} without reshipment at this place. Trains will be sent as soon as possible. Remain at Chester until troops commence leaving and things are working systematically, and the proceed to Salisbury and arrange there, and push them ahead as rapidly as possible. Is Ayer with General Stewart?
G. T. Beauregard
{This shipment without reshipment in Charlotte was only possible if the North Carolina RR gauge had been changed to match that of the Charlotte & South Carolina RR, something Capt. Sharp would be put in charge of making happen.}