OR, Series 1, Vol. 45, Part 2, Page 759

Headquarters District of Northeast Mississippi
January 3, 1865
Capt. P. Ellis, Jr.
Assistant Adjutant-General
   Yours of the 28th ultimo by courier just received. The dispatch for General Hood has just been repeated to him at Burnsville, the original kept to be delivered to him to-night or to-morrow. The enemy struck the railroad at Booneville on the morning of the 25th [December], and tore it up at intervals from there to Tupelo {Mobile & Ohio RR}. From the latter place to Okolona the road was badly damaged; but large working parties are engaged repairing it, and the cars will be running by Thursday or Friday. On the 26th I sent an engine down the road to ascertain the extent of damage. On the 27th I sent down a construction train and another train with 500 men, under Colonel Cole, as a guard. The road was repaired as far as Tupelo, and both trains reached there that night. ***** General Hood's army is all this side of the Tennessee River, and I understand one corps is to be stationed here. Should this prove true, I shall move my headquarters to some point nearer the center of the district. I have just seen Major-General Forrest, a small portion of whose command is here and will move on to Rienzi to-night. He promises to push on after the enemy to-morrow, if his whereabouts can be ascertained, though his horses and men are too much jaded for efficient service.
I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
W. R. Miles
Colonel, Commanding