OR, Series 1, Vol. 45, Part 2, Page 698

Tuscumbia, Ala.
December 16, 1864
Lieutenant-General Taylor
Commanding Department
   I have received orders from General Hood to join the army near Nashville as soon as possible, but to destroy the railroad from Huntsville to Stevenson and from Stevenson to Murfreesborough on the march, and am now making every disposition in my power to obey the order promptly. I will leave one regiment to garrison Decatur and protect the battery. A company of engineers from General Hood's army has arrived at Decatur to replace the pontoon bridge and to assist in getting the captured engines on this side {onto the Tennessee & Alabama Central RR} when needed. I shall continue to send reports to you and keep you advised of everything of interest. No other force will be left except the regiment indicated, one or two companies of which will be kept on detached duty in the more disloyal neighborhood.
Very respectfully,
P. D. Roddey