OR, Series 1, Vol. 45, Part 2, Page 656

Headquarters Army of Tennessee
Near Nashville, Tenn., on Franklin Pike
December 6, 1864
General D. H. Maury
Commanding Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana
   I earnestly request that you have the railroad repaired as quickly as possible to Decatur, Ala. {the Memphis & Charleston RR}, and that orders may at once be issued for the impressment of the necessary labor and material, the whole to be placed under the control of some good railroad officer, who will push the matter through. There are certain supplies necessary to this army which cannot be obtained from the surrounding country, and which, therefore, must be brought from the rear. Wagon transportation, at all times slow and limited, will become in the bad weather, which must soon set in, a matter of impossibility. The Tennessee & Alabama Railroad {Nashville & Decatur RR} is now in running order from this point to Pulaski, and will be to Decatur in a few days. There are now upon it two fine engines and three cars; additional cars are now being moved from the Chattanooga and Nashville {Nashville & Chattanooga RR} Railroad across the country to be placed upon it. There is also a train and engine at Decatur in good order, so that rolling stock will be abundant. I telegraphed to-day both to General Beauregard and yourself urging the rebuilding of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad to Decatur. The permanent occupation of this country absolutely requires that this road be repaired. At this distance it is not possible for me to give the matter personal attention, and I must rely upon your kindness to help me.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
J. B. Hood