OR, Series 1, Vol. 45, Part 2, Page 653

Headquarters Army of Tennessee
Six Miles from Nashville, Tenn., December 6, 1864
General G. T. Beauregard
Macon, Ga.
   Please have the railroad repaired to Decatur {on the Memphis & Charleston RR} as soon as possible. Orders should be given for the impressment of the labor and material necessary at once. The Alabama & Tennessee Railroad {Nashville & Decatur RR} is now in good order from here to Pulaski, and can soon be run to Decatur. Have now on it two good engines and three cars. Will have more cars in a day or two. It is important that the garrisons from Corinth to Decatur, including both places, should be garrisoned by troops other than from this army; perhaps the reserves in Alabama and Mississippi could be used for the purpose.
J. B. Hood