OR, Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 3, Page 846

Hdqrs. Department of Ala., Miss., and East La.
Selma, Ala.
October 23, 1864
Brig. Gen. P. D. Roddey
Commanding District, &c.
Tuscumbia, Ala.
   The lieutenant-general commanding directs me to inform you that General Hood moved on the 21st instant toward Guntersville, on the Tennessee River , and has probably by this time crossed that stream with his army. This movement renders it necessary to transport all the supplies for the Army of Tennessee by railroad to Cherokee or Tuscumbia, if possible, via Corinth. Owing to the bad condition of Mobile & Ohio Railroad north of Okolona and of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, it becomes absolutely necessary that both these roads shall be immediately repaired. The lieutenant-general commanding therefore directs that you immediately proceed to impress hands and tools to repair the railroad from Corinth to Cherokee, and from Cherokee to Tuscumbia. If you are unable to at once impress or hire negroes for this purpose you will put your troops to work on the railroad, beginning by clearing the track between Corinth and Cherokee of weeds and grass, putting in new cross-ties where necessary, and establishing abundance of water stations along the route. The lieutenant-general commanding has ordered all the negroes at his disposal to be sent to Okolona to work the road from there to Corinth. If you can possibly get out negroes enough to spare any for that work, the lieutenant-general commanding wishes you to turn them over to the Mobile & Ohio Railroad. These repairs are now matters of the first importance, and the lieutenant-general commanding expects you to lend all your energies and influence to their speedy completion.
I am, general, most respectfully, your obedient servant,
W. F. Bullock, Jr.
Assistant-Adjutant General