OR, Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 3, Page 845

Hdqrs. Department of Ala., Miss., and East La.
Selma, Ala.
October 23, 1864
Maj. Gen. N. B. Forrest
Commanding, in the Field, via Corinth, Miss.
   General Hood moved on the 21st instant toward Guntersville, on the Tennessee River, and has probably by this time crossed that stream with his army. This movement, makes it necessary to supply the Army of Tennessee, via Corinth and Cherokee, to Tuscumbia, and, owing to the bad condition of both the Mobile & Ohio and Memphis & Charleston Railroads, involves the necessity of promptly repairing those roads, establishing water stations on road from Corinth to Cherokee, &c. I have sent all the negroes and tools I can control for the moment to work the road from Okolona to Corinth, and have directed Brigadier-General Roddey to at once impress or hire negroes and tools to repair road from Corinth to Cherokee, and, if possible, to Tuscumbia.
I am, general, very respectfully, &c.,
R. Taylor
Lieutenant-General, Commanding