OR, Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 3, Page 844A

Headquarters Military Division of the West
In the Field
October 23, 1864
Lieut. Gen. Richard Taylor
Commanding &c.
Selma, Ala.
   General Beauregard directs me to call your attention to the following points and instructions which he desires to be carried out:
   First. The railroad from Jacksonville to Selma {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} will be abandoned as a means of supplying the Army of Tennessee, the base having been transferred from Jacksonville to Tuscumbia. Henceforth the lines of communication for army supplies to that point will be the Mobile & Ohio and the Memphis & Charleston Railroads. These roads will be put forthwith in complete running order and be well supplied with rolling-stock.
   Second. Block-houses and small field-works should be constructed at proper points on these roads for the protection of bridges and trestle-works. They should be large enough to hold one or more companies of infantry. Major-General Smith, chief engineer, has been directed to confer with you on the subject of field-works, &c. Negro prisoners as far as practicable should be employed on the block-houses and field-works.
   Fifth. The railroad from Selma to Jacksonville will be completed as early as practicable, as heretofore ordered, but the rolling-stock will be gradually reduced to the amount used thereon prior to the movement of General Hood's army from Jonesborough.
   Seventh. The iron between Memphis and Corinth should be removed, commencing at or near Memphis. The road should be destroyed as effectively as possible to prevent its use by the enemy against us.
I have the honor to be, general, respectfully, your obedient servant,
George Wm. Brent
Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General