OR, Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 2, Page 715

Headquarters Forrest's Cavalry
July 17, 1864
[General S. D. Lee]
   In the event the enemy does not threaten any immediate movement against us, I respectfully suggest that Roddey's command remain or be encamped at Tupelo, Mabry's at or near Camargo, and Buford's and Chalmers' divisions and Neely's brigade be sent in the neighborhood of Pikeville, on Chuckatouchee Creek, to be fitted up, rested, and reorganized. With this disposition of the command, at least 100 captured negroes now getting up forage can be placed at work on the railroad {must mean the Mobile & Ohio RR}, and in a short time have it open and running to Corinth.
   The manifest indisposition of the management of the Mobile & Ohio road to do anything unless aided by the army, renders it very certain that if the road is desired we shall have to furnish the labor necessary to repair it, otherwise if the troops are not drawn back to the forage our teams will necessarily be run down in hauling it to the commands, and the negroes also be required to handle it along the railroad and place it on cars to be sent forward as far as the road can carry it. As soon as the road is repaired, General Roddey, with his command, can occupy Corinth again, if it is desirable to do so.
I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
N. B. Forrest