OR, Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 2, Page 690

Headquarters Cavalry, &c.
Montevallo, Ala.
July 6, 1864
Lieut. Col. George Deas
Chief of Staff
   I am so short of transportation (having with Armistead's brigade no supply train) that I am forced to the necessity of sending all the camp equipage around by railroad and using all my wagons to carry with me forage: &c.. the stock. This is anticipating my orders by supposing I will be ordered from Tuscaloosa across to railroad. Ordinarily I would not do this, but under existing circumstances I have no choice. The country over which I pass does not, as I am informed, afford either forage or subsistence. My orders to provide forage on the road from Blue Mountain to this place {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} were not attended to by railroad agents, and the consequence was that I made the march of about eighty miles upon a very inadequate supply of forage, and the stock suffered very much. To continue the march without an adequate supply will break down the horses and mules so that they would be unfit for further service. I hope, therefore, the lieutenant-general will approve my action. I shall move in the morning with both brigades and pass on as rapidly as my horses can make the trip.
Gid. J. Pillow
Brigadier-General, C. S. Army