OR, Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 3, Page 806

Mount Hope, Ala., April 21, 1864
Lieut. Col. Thomas M. Jack
Assistant Adjutant General
   I have the honor to request that with my command and the assistance of the citizens, which will be cheerfully given, I be permitted to build the Memphis & Charleston Railroad from Corinth to Cherokee, Ala. {38 miles}, which I think, in a military point of view, to be highly essential to the army in Mississippi, and it would be an act of humanity to the citizens in the Tennessee Valley, who are almost on the point of starvation, and many of them have not nor can they procure subsistence for their families to supply them until wheat harvest; among them, general, some of your own relatives and friends.
   The following is a letter to me inclosing the report of Captain Goodwin, sent by Colonel Estes to examine the road from Corinth to Cherokee:

April 20, 1864.

Colonel JACKSON:

Colonel Estes ordered me to send a copy of my report in regard to the Memphis & Charleston Railroad to you, and request that you would write to General Polk on the subject, urging the necessity of having the road repaired immediately.

The opinion of the citizens on the road is that it could be repaired in thirty days with a small force. The Mobile & Ohio Railway will be repaired to Corinth in a month, so some of the hands report. Colonel Estes thinks it very essential in a military point of view, as well as for the benefit of the citizens, that the road should be repaired.



Very respectfully, colonel,
James Jackson
Colonel, Commanding 27th Alabama Regiment Volunteers