OR, Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 2, Page 733

February 13, 1864
General Maury
   The enemy's column, 30,000 strong, has continued to move steadily forward since he crossed Pearl River. All information received from every quarter led to the impression, after passing Brandon, he intended to move on Mobile. If it was ever his intention to do so from that point he abandoned it, and has been moving since leaving Morton on Meridian. His progress has been impeded and columns harassed. My force of infantry, which consists of about 8,500, has been falling back as he advanced. I have held him in check until I can remove all my hospitals, commissary, and quartermaster's stores from all my depots. He may reach the railroad to-morrow or the next day. The whole of the rolling-stock of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad and the engines of the Southern {(of Mississippi)} and Selma {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers} roads will be in Mobile; the engines within your intrenchments. I send you about 100,000 pounds of bacon and about the same amount of flour and wheat. I shall continue to add to your stores by the rivers. My stores have gone toward Selma, and I shall cover them and wait for the development of events. I shall send you the First Alabama Regiment. General Forrest reports a very heavy force of cavalry and mounted infantry, 12,000 strong, moving on the Prairies, Columbus, &c., with a view of making a junction with Sherman. After tomorrow your communications must be via Montgomery. You could not have included Cantey's force nor the troops garrisoning earth and bay works in your estimate of your force.
L. Polk