OR, Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 2, Page 721

February 11, 1864
Lieutenant-Colonel Sevier
   The trains, with Ector's and Cockrell's brigades, which were to have gone during the day, will not go. Inform agent of Mobile & Ohio Railroad that he may resume his usual schedule this evening. Telegraph for Fleming, of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, to meet me at Meridian soon as he can. We have trains enough here for present purposes. Send down to Mobile by way of the river thirty-two wagons and teams, and send the mules that are in good order. Send down to Mobile by railroad this evening all the baggage of the troops of Quarles', McNair's, Baldwin's, and Shoup's brigades; keep that of Ector and Cockrell until further orders. Ship all public property to Demopolis as soon as possible; also direct medical director to remove his sick to east of Tombigbee .
L. Polk