OR, Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 1, Page 336A

February 17, 1864
His Excellency President Davis
Richmond, Va.
   The enemy entered Meridian the 14th, day after my last dispatch. His forward movement was retarded by my cavalry, who assailed him in front and flank. His movement was so compact as to make it difficult to do more than annoy him. Since he has been in Meridian he has been breaking up the Mobile & Ohio and the Meridian and Demopolis {Northeast & Southwest} Railroads. I am informed by General Lee he has moved also on Enterprise. What his intentions are has not yet been determined. He may still go to Mobile or return to Jackson. Ordered Lee and Forrest to harass him, and to intercept a column of cavalry coming down to join him from West Tennessee, reported 10,000 strong. Am holding my small force in hand at Demopolis to take advantage of events. All stores from the Mobile & Ohio Railroad of special value removed, and rolling-stock placed beyond his reach. Am increasing stores of garrison at Mobile.
L. Polk