OR, Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 1, Page 336

Meridian, February 19, 1864
Hon. J. A. Seddon
Secretary of War, Richmond
   Enemy reported to have torn up 10 miles of Mobile & Ohio Railroad above Meridian, and the same amount of Selma Railroad {Northeast & Southwest RR} from same point, then returned to Meridian; also to have gone down to De Soto, below Quitman, and burned bridge on Mobile & Ohio Railroad; also an amount of Government corn and cotton, then returned to Meridian. Measures taken to save stores and other Government property have been very successful. From Pearl River eastward enemy deprived of the use of all rolling-stock between Pearl River and Tombigbee {on the Southern of Mississippi RR, the Northeast & Southwest RR and the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}. The columns of cavalry of enemy from West Tennessee, reported by General Forrest to-day 10,000, with thirty pieces of artillery, crossed the Tallahatchie at New Albany on 13th and 14th. Forrest will most probably meet them at West Point, Lee moving north to meet them at same point. The preparations necessary for re-enforcements are being made.
L. Polk