OR, Series 1, Vol. 26, Part 2, Page 164

Morton, Miss.
August 13, 1863
Maj. Gen. Dabney H. Maury
Commanding, &c., Mobile, Ala.
   Your telegram expressing the information you have received of intended Federal attack upon Mobile has just reached me. McNair's brigade is at Meridian; Maxey's and Gregg's at Enterprise; all so placed to be in readiness to re-enforce your garrison on the first demonstration against Mobile by the enemy. Should such a demonstration be made, telegraph to those officers and to me at the same time; and take measures with the officers of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad for the employment of all the means of that company in the transportation of those troops and another brigade or two, should it be practicable to furnish them. Each of these brigades has a field battery. If I can render you any other assistance in preparing to receive the enemy properly, tell me how.
   What amount of subsistence stores have you on hand? Reply by telegraph.
Most respectfully, your obedient servant
J. E. Johnston