OR, Series 1, Vol. 24, Part 3, Page 787

April 25, 1863
Lieutenant-General Pemberton
Comdg., Jackson, Miss.
   I sent you a reply to your note, by the way of Grenada, and informed you that the enemy came to Southern Railroad, too distant for me to know or hear of him in time, and while I was in transitu, in accordance with your orders. When he struck the road, he was 139 miles from me and only 60 miles from Jackson.
   This much to let you know my whereabouts. I have ordered Ruggles to collect all his cavalry, and endeavor to intercept him on his return. It is probable they will endeavor to go through to Baton Rouge, so that you had better send word to intercept them in that direction. I have just requested the people of Selma to guard the Sucarnoochee and Alamutche bridges on the Mississippi and Alabama Railroad {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}.
   I have also sent a command to Enterprise, with artillery, which I brought from Ruggles. I am anxious to communicate with the forces sent from Jackson to intercept him, and shall send a car to communicate at once. Have you sent to Grenada and to the cavalry at Clinton, La.? I have sent word to General Buckner to order his from Pass Christian.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
W. W. Loring
Major-General, Commanding