OR, Series 1, Vol. 24, Part 3, Page 670

March 15, 1863
Lieutenant-General Pemberton
   Might not large quantities of corn be obtained from the valley of the Yazoo, by Grenada? They say here that great quantities of rolling-stock, belonging to other roads, are lying along the Mobile & Ohio Railroad idle. It would be well to ascertain the fact, to see them, if the report is true, on the Southern {of Mississippi} road. The sugar and molasses for the whole army must come through Vicksburg, so that we want, if it is to be had, as much rolling stock as can run on that road, to supply these articles to other departments as well as to accumulate provisions at Vicksburg. Cannot an occasional train load be sent over in the mean time? It is very important, for with these articles meat can be purchased, which is to be obtained in no other way. You are aware that it is very scarce in all our armies now.
Most respectfully, your obedient servant,
J. E. Johnston