OR, Series 1, Vol. 23, Part 2, Page 761

Executive Department, C. S. A.
Richmond, Va.
March 12, 1863
Col. Wm. Preston Johnston
Aide-de-Camp to the President
   You will proceed, without unnecessary delay, to Atlanta, Ga., Montgomery, Ala., and Tullahoma, Tenn., to carry out the instructions which will be hereinafter given you, and such others as you may verbally receive.
   At Montgomery you will investigate the alleged difficulties of transportation between the railroads meeting in that city {the Montgomery & West Point RR and the Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR}, and ascertain the progress upon the gunboat there building, and any other matters of interest that may come under your notice.
   You will communicate with this office by letter, from time to time, if you think it necessary, and, upon the completion of the duties herein assigned you, you will return to this city and report to me in person.
Very respectfully, yours
Jefferson Davis