OR, Series 1, Vol. 17, Part 2, Page 644

Adjutant and Inspector General's Office
Richmond, Va.
July 10, 1862
General Braxton Bragg
Commanding, &c.
Tupelo, Miss.
   The Secretary of War instructs me to say, in reply to your communication of 26th ultimo, relating to the railroad connection between Meridian, Miss., and Selma, Ala. {the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}, that the department fully appreciates the importance of this road and is most desirous of completing it. Accordingly, with the consent of the company, it has already authorized you to take possession of and complete it. Until Congress meets in August the only appropriation applicable to the purpose is the $150,000 authorized to be advanced to the company. The department proposes to execute the law by making this advance, taking security for its application, and by permitting the company to make the necessary disbursements under your order. To complete this work by seizing the road and the material required for its completion will be not only illegal, but will run the Government to enormous cost, irritate the people, and leave open a question between the Government and the company concerning transportation, &c.
Very respectfully, &c.,
S. Cooper
Adjutant and Inspector General