OR, Series 1, Vol. 17, Part 2, Page 625A

Tupelo, Miss.
June 26, 1862
(Received at Richmond, Va., June 28, 1862)
Hon. George W. Randolph
Secretary of War
   The following dispatch just received from the president of Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad:
Demopolis, Ala.
June 26, 1862
General Braxton Bragg
   To finish our road we must have military and pecuniary assistance. The board will render your officers all the aid in their power, and we are much pleased with the Judicious arrangements of Major Fleming, whose return to the road would give great satisfaction. Major Goodwin is also favorably known in this country. Our contract with the War Department is for the faithful application of money loaned and its repayment.
G. G. Griffin
President Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad
Braxton Bragg
General, &c.