NP, YE 2/25/1863

From the Yorkville (S. C.) Enquirer
February 25, 1863
An Important Connection
   George Wadsworth, Chief Engineer, wrote to General Bragg concerning a missing link in the connection of the Alabama & Tennessee River Railroad.
   A few months, with all the facilities that can be thrown upon the line, would complete the work from Blue Mount to Rome, and open the communication between the railroads of the Northeast and southwest of the Confederacy. There is no heavy work upon the line, and the whole amount of excavation to be done cannot exceed 250,000 cubic yards, scattered over 60 miles of road, it being chiefly light embankment. By the 22d of this month we want 500 hands upon the work, and by the 23d of June next, you with your staff will be able to make a through trip, almost without a change of cars, from New Orleans -- yes, New Orleans to Richmond, in sixty hours. From New Orleans to Richmond by way of Jacksonville and Rome, is 1200 miles; by way of Montgomery and Kinston, 1440, and by Augusta and Wilmington, 1480.