NP, WJ 1/11/1864

From the Wilmington Journal
January 11, 1864
The Flood
   We hear almost hourly of disasters by the late heavy rains, and we fear that the half has not yet been told of the injuries sustained.
   The Cotton Factories in this city have been compelled to suspend operations by the height of the water in the river, which, considering the destitute state of the country, we think the most general and serious disaster yet reported.
   The Muscogee Railroad received such damage by breaks at two or three points as to cause the failure of the mails, coming and going, on Friday morning. We learned yesterday that it was supposed the connection would again be made last night.
   The {Mobile &} Girard Railroad, we learn, is much damaged by the flood at Uchee creek and other places. The train due here yesterday failed to make the connection, and no mail could be sent off by that route yesterday afternoon.
   The river was high yesterday, but lacked eight or ten feet of the extraordinary high water of winter before last. When we last heard from it, the river was considered as at a stand.
Columbus Enquirer