NP, VW 2/11/1863

From the Vicksburg Whig
February 11, 1863
An Important Question Settled
   The following dispatch from the Hon. John J. McRae, MC from Mississippi, to Colonel Fleming, Superintendent of the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road, settles the Question as to the Control of Rail Way Transportation.
Richmond, Virginia
February 5th, 1863
To L. J. Fleming, Superintendent, Mobile & Ohio Rail Road Company
   All transportation is under the control of Colonel William M. Wadley, A. A. G. Neither Generals Pemberton or Buckner are authorities to control it. This is the decision of the Department.
J. J. McRae
   Heretofore private business will, we suppose, stand a chance at getting some provisions transported occasionally. We are in favor of giving the Military all the transportation necessary for troops, munitions of war and subsistence, but we think the Rail Road Companies should be allowed a little of their rolling stock to apply to the wants of the people at home. They have to live as well as our soldiers. Can a "Refugee" get transportation on the Southern Rail Road if he wanted to move his furniture, &c., from the city for Safety?