NP, TAR 7/14/1864

From the Talladega Alabama Reporter
July 14, 1864
Railroad Convention
   The Annual Convention of the Stockholders of the Ala. & Tenn. Railroad {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} assembled at this place on Wednesday morning and is still in session.
   A resolution was introduced by Mr. Parsons of Talladega declaring it inexpedient to sell the mineral lands belonging to the Company at this time and instructing the Directors not to sell without the consent of the Stockholders. The Resolution elicited some discussion in which Messrs Parsons, Lapsley, McClandan, Reynolds, Lawler, Walden and Hon. A. Bowie participated.
   Hon. J. N. McClanahan of Shelby introduced a substitute for the resolution offered by Mr. Parsons. The substitute endorses the action of the Board of Directors in proposing to sell the mineral land of the county. Pending the vote upon a motion to lay the substitute upon the table the Convention adjourned until this Thursday morning, 9 o'clock.
   The balloting for President and Directors had been going on for some time, when the Convention adjourned, but no result declared.
   We observe quite a number of prominent men in attendance upon the Convention and understand that a large proportion of the State is represented.
   M. J. Williams, our worthy contemporary of the Selma Reporter is on hand representing the interests of the Central City which hold a large amount of stock in the road.