NP, SMR 9/27/1862

From the Selma Morning Reporter
September 27, 1862
Military Superintendent's Office
Demopolis, September 17, 1862
To Persons having hired Negroes to work on the Selma & Meridian Railroad {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}:
   Some few persons have sent and taken their hands off the work without authorization; other have failed to send hands back or they have run off, or failed to send other places. The object of this is to ??? all such that for the time such hands ??? worked no payment will be made by me. The work can be finished within thirty days if owners of hands will patient and leave their hands on the work. If they do not do so, they certainly cannot expect me to pay the time they have worked.
Sam. Tate
Military Superintendent
Meridian & Selma Railroad