NP, SMR 5/16/1864

From the Selma Morning Reporter
May 16, 1864
Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company
   The annual meeting of this Company took place at Demopolis last Thursday. We did not have the pleasure of attending, and have not been favored with a copy of the proceedings.
   A friend, however, informs us that the meeting was not largely attended. A considerable majority of the stock was represented by proxy.
   The assembly was a very harmonious one. The reports of the officers of the Company are interesting, showing a very large amount of business done during the year.
   The gross revenue amounted to a little the  rise of one million dollars, yet the net profits of the business were not much, owing to several causes, the principal of which was the want of rolling stock of the Company's own, and the manner in which the Company has been paid by the Government, the loss by this last cause alone being near one hundred thousand dollars.
   This is a road of vast importance to the Government and people, and the stockholders, having waited a good many years for profits on their capital expended, ought to be allowed to make something by way of encouragement to them to keep the road up in good order and the highest efficiency. The interest of the Government and people is but concurrent in this, if it could be seen.
   The bridge over the Bigbee ought to have been built long since. The Government and people have lost immensely for want of it. Indeed, it is, perhaps, not too much to say that had this bridge been built two years ago and the Alabama & Tennessee road been connected with the Georgia roads at Dalton, of Rome even, before the battle of Murfreesboro, the independence of the Confederacy and peace had been won long ago. But it is not yet too late to recognize the power of mechanics and machinery in carrying on successful war.
   The stockholders re-elected the old board of Directors with one exception -- R. H. Adams in place of Cars. Walker.
   The new board stands: J. W. Lapsley, W. S. Knox, Jas. L. Price, R. H. Adams, W. P. Bocock, H. W. Reese, L. F. Whitehead.
   Some important committees were appointed -- one to pass over the road and inspect the same in all its appointments and operations, consisting of Geo. G. Lyon, Maj. Ross and ___, and report to next meeting.
   Messrs. M. A. Lyon, W. S. Burr and A. G. Mabry a committee to examine the books and acts of the officers of the company and report thereon.
   The election of President did not take place at this meeting. We will probably discuss the reports of the officers hereafter, to-wit: W. P. Bocock, the President; A. Y. Sharpe, Secretary, and M. B. Prichard, Superintendent.