NP, SMR 4/6/1864

From the Selma Morning Reporter
April 6, 1864
To the Stockholders in the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Co.
   At a meeting of the Board of Directors of said Company, at Demopolis, on the 16th inst, the following resolution was adopted:
   Resolved, That the Treasurer be instructed to list for taxation and to pay the Confederate States tax on all the Stock of this Company, and to give notice to stockholders by advertisement in the Selma Reporter, that he is instructed so to do by the Board of Directors, so as to relieve them from the necessity of listing and paying the same. 
   Resolved, That a dividend of 10 per cent on the par value of the shares held by Stockholders in this Company, be and the same is hereby declared, out of profits heretofore made by the Company, payable on and after the 21st instant, at the office of the Treasurer of the Company in Demopolis; and that said dividend at whatever time applied for, be payable in Confederate States Treasury notes of the issue now in circulation at the full amount promised on their face.
   Resolved, That all Stockholders be required to present their certificates on making application for their dividends; but this requirement is not applicable to those Stockholders who have given their notes for stock and have not yet obtained certificates.
   Resolved, That the annual meeting of Stockholders be held at Demopolis on Thursday, the 12th day of May next.
   The following is the form of a proxy
State of           I, _____ of said State and County, do constitute ____ of ____ my legal proxy to represent and vote on any shares in the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Company at all meetings of Stockholders of said Company at which I may not be present.
   Given under my hand and seal, the ____ day of ____, 1864.
   No one but a Stockholder is competent to act as proxy.
A. Y. Sharp
Sec'ty and Treasurer