NP, SMR 4/4/1861

From the Selma Morning Reporter
April 4, 1861
Ala. & Miss Rivers Rail Road Co.
Spring Arrangement
   On and after March 13th the Northwestern Railroad {of Alabama} will be regularly opened, and the passenger train time changed, so as to leave Newbern at 7 a. m., in time to connect with the Alabama & Tennessee River Rail Road, northward bound, the morning steamboats and stages for Montgomery.
   After the arrival of the Alabama & Tennessee Rivers Rail Road passenger train, the train will leave Selma at 3 o'clock, P. M., and arrive in Newbern at 6:40 P. M., then connecting with the stage lines to Livingston, Columbus and Tuscaloosa. There is about ten miles less staging by this route to Greensboro than via the Marion route.
   The change of trains and time will enable Planters living along the Rail Road to go to Selma and return the same day.
R. B. Lewis
A. & M. R. R. R.
Chief Eng. and Sup't.