NP, SMR 4/28/1862

From the Selma Morning Reporter
April 28, 1862
Alabama & Tennessee River Railroad
Summer Arrangement
   On and after Monday, 5th May, 1862, the Passenger Trains will run daily (Sunday's excepted) as follows:
Leave Selma at 9:30 A. M.
Arrive at Montevallo at 12:50 P. M.
" at Talladega at 4:16 "
" at Blue Mountain 5:40 "


Leave Blue Mountain at 6:15 A. M.
Arrive at Talladega at 7:43 "
" at Montevallo 10:59 "
" at Selma at 2:20 P. M.
   Close connections will be made at Selma with the trains of the Ala. & Miss. Rivers Rail Road and at Blue Mountain with stages for Rome, by which passengers from all points on the Ala. & Miss. Rivers Rail Road and the Ala. & Tenn. River Rail Road will be enabled to proceed without delay to all points North and East of Rome.
W. Rothrock
Gen'l Super't