NP, SMR 4/10/1861

From the Selma Morning Reporter
April 10, 1861
The M. & O. R. R., in a Military Point of View   {Mobile & Ohio RR}
   The importance of the M. & O. R. R. in a military point of view, has been recently thoroughly and practically established. Bodies of troops from North Alabama and Mississippi during the last week have been transported over it at the rate of several hundred per day with facility and dispatch. There has been no detention, delays, or difficulties of any sort worthy of mention on the part of the company in transacting the business. The Assistant Superintendent, Mr. John W. Goodwin, in the absence of the Chief Engineer, has been active and attentive, as he always is, in the management of the business. He says that the road could transport 20,000 troops over it in a week, if the public service required it.
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