NP, RE 12/8/1864

From the Richmond Enquirer
December 8, 1864
Capture of Trains Near Huntsville, Alabama
   General Beauregard has officially informed the War Department that "General Roddy reports from Decatur the evacuation by the enemy of Huntsville, Alabama, and Athens, Tennessee, and the capture by Lieutenant Colonel Windis of two locomotives, with tenders, twenty cars and a pontoon bridge, mostly in good order.
   Colonel Windis's report to General Roddy, dated at Decatur, 28th ultimo, says that he entered Huntsville {on the Memphis & Charleston RR} at daylight the previous day with a Lieutenant and two men, scouted the neighborhood, food no enemy, and returned just as the train, conveying two hundred negro soldiers, came in from the east. With one man he attacked the engineer and stopped the train, pretending to have a regiment near by. The negroes stampeded! The gallant Lieutenant-Colonel and his assistant did not pursue.